Wisconsin map with WSPRA members identified

WSPRA offers professional development and networking opportunities, publications, and other resources to support educational professionals in their school communication and public relations efforts. (Click on the map at right to see where our current members are located.)

We understand that Wisconsin school districts are unique and people in various roles are responsible for communications.  Therefore, WSPRA offers four options for membership:

  • Individual: $125
  • 3-5 member organization: $350
  • 6+ member organization: $100 each
  • Student/Retiree: $50

All memberships run July 1 through June 30.

Not a member? Join Us!

There are significant savings for signing up multiple members from your organization, plus, you get to spread the value of your WSPRA membership across more key members of your school district, whether they are superintendents, building administrators, school board members, public relations professionals, administrative assistants, teachers, or anyone you choose who is vital to the success of your school district.

Membership Benefits:

Whether you are facing a referendum or looking to increase your district’s presence in the variety of social networks, WSPRA offers you a network of colleagues and resources to support your work.

Your membership provides you with the following benefits:

  • WSPRAgram newsletter, emailed to you every month;
  • Virtual Lunch Breaks throughout the school year;
  • Spectrum Awards – a great way to get professional feedback on your marketing/communications materials and recognition for your district’s efforts;
  • Discounted membership rate for WSPRA’s Fall Conference and Spring Workshop, and other professional development opportunities that may be held during the year;
  • Access to WSPRA’s member-only resources, such online articles viewable by members only;
  • Assistance with issues or a crisis through our peer-to-peer membership network when your district needs help fast;
  • Network of professionals who work in school public relations and understand your specific needs and concerns.

WSPRA continues to strive to be the state’s leader in school-community relations. Please join today to keep your district/organization on top of today’s communication challenges.