WSPRA offers professional development and networking opportunities, publications, and other resources to support educational professionals in their school communication and public relations efforts. We understand that Wisconsin school districts are unique and people in various roles are responsible for communications.

Effective school communications, sincere community engagement and proactive public relations have never been more important for school districts. The pressures from COVID-19, divided communities, and emotionally charged issues have raised the stakes even higher for school communicators. Beyond storytelling, your daily work challenges you to manage your school district’s reputation, provide recommendations to your leadership team for trust building, crisis response, and develop community advocates and key communicators to carry your message forward.

Founded in 1967, WSPRA started as a school district association primarily for school PR professionals. Over the years, WSPRA’s membership has evolved to reflect the realities schools face in communicating and effectively engaging a wide range of stakeholders. Unlike 1967, you must work in a high-paced, multi-platform environment.

Today, WSPRA is a diverse organization that represents the full spectrum of “frontline” PR professionals. Our members include full or part-time communications directors/coordinators, district administrators, technology directors, administrative assistants, principals, school board members, and school communications business partners. Communication is the responsibility of everyone!

As a member of WSPRA you have access to:

  • Bi-Monthly virtual lunch breaks to connect with colleagues across the state.

  • Bi-monthly newsletter with the latest in school communications trends and tips.

  • Member-only resources and interactive online forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

  • A seat at the table on important issues like DEI, staff recruitment, student enrollment, school safety, and education policy.

  • Spectrum Awards for professional feedback and recognition.

  • Crisis assistance or consulting through our peer-to-peer network. 

  • Discounted membership rates for WSPRA’s conference, workshops, webinars, and materials.

WSPRA is a network of professionals who work in schools and understand your needs and concerns.

WSPRA offers the following options for membership (July 1-June 30), each offering a host of great benefits: