What is a Communication Plan?

Whether you have a plan or not, communication happens! If you want your communication to be effective, a communication plan should be an integral part of your total district plan. Every issue that a district faces includes an element of communication.  The communication plan is a detailed account of messages, audiences, communication media, a timeline, and persons responsible.

A communication plan should

  • focus on the communication activities that you will complete during a specific time period
  • identify the main messages
  • identify the audiences to whom you will tell your message
  • detail how you will use many communication outlets to tell your story
  • identify the types of questions you will face
  • develop consistent, truthful answers

Plan your efforts well and it is certain that you will become a better communicator.  For practical suggestions on communication planning, contact us so we can connect with you a member or organization who can help you get started. NSPRA members can also check out the Gold Mine Resources.